Suffering from symptoms of estrogen decline?

Every woman is different, and so is her experience with symptoms in each stage of estrogen decline. That's why we designed a line of products to address your specific needs. Please click on "Find Your Formula" to find the Femarelle® most suitable to you.


  • Welly H. Devon, UK

    Brilliant! I wouldn’t want to be without these wonder tabs now.

    Welly H. Devon, UK

  • Mrs. Merethe Mikkelsen, Norwegian Musician in the US

    I used to suffer from joint discomfort, it was not only annoying but also embarrassing…

    Mrs. Merethe Mikkelsen, Norwegian Musician in the US

  • Mrs. Jane Markov, Ridgefield, NJ.

    I was suffering from menopausal symptoms, what misery.

    Mrs. Jane Markov, Ridgefield, NJ.

  • Jonah, Somerset, UK

    Haven of calm.

    Jonah, Somerset, UK

  • Debbie. Kent, UK


    Debbie. Kent, UK

  • Julie S. California.

    I no longer suffer from hot flashes.

    Julie S. California.

  • Catie G

    Quality of life has been given back to me, it’s priceless.

    Catie G

  • Roversgirl1

    Femarelle really works!


  • Martha Kellogg, Miami, FL.

    I feel relieved to have a product that really does help me with my menopausal symptoms and health concerns.

    Martha Kellogg, Miami, FL.

  • Jenna, 42. Miami FL

    This is a great product, up to now the only one that helped me!

    Jenna, 42. Miami FL

  • Julia, 51. Long beach, CA.

    I ordered this product in order to control hot flashes that were occurring every 2 hours.

    Julia, 51. Long beach, CA.

  • Rachel,  54. SF, CA.

    This product is very good to relieve the night sweat. **

    Rachel, 54. SF, CA.

Sofia, 74, Sacramento, CA.

    I have issues with my bone health. After taking Femarelle for a couple of weeks, I see a difference in how I feel, how my skin looks and have reduced the discomfort I had in my legs. **

Sofia, 74, Sacramento, CA.

  • Kimberly, 55. Jacksonville, FL.

    They really work! My sweats are under control now after taking these **. A bit pricey but if it works well and no side effects if taken long term, I would still continue to buy. Gave me my normal life

    Kimberly, 55. Jacksonville, FL.

  • Michelle, 44. Orlando, FL.

    Started taking this product in August 2017. It really does help with my energy levels as I am not as tired as I used to be.

    Michelle, 44. Orlando, FL.

  • Kim, 47. CA

    It has been a life changer for me

    Kim, 47. CA

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