What experts have to say about Femarelle

Prof. A.R. Genazzani

President of the ISGE.

Former IMS president.

Director of OBGYN dept University of Pisa.


“Femarelle is strongly improving quality of life”


Prof. Nick Panay

Chief editor of ‘Climacteric’

Consultant gynecologist

Chairman of the board of the IMS

Queen Charlotte’s & Chelsea hospital

” Many women choose to use non-hormonal options, but many of them are not effective. Femarelle provided for me a choice which had all the benefits of hormones, but works in different way, minimizing the risks while maintaining the benefits.*”

Prof. Lila Nachtigall M.D.

Former president  of the NAMS

Director of Women’s Wellness Program

NYU School of Medicine

“In studies 75-80% of women get relief of symptoms”

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