Mrs. Merethe Mikkelsen, Norwegian Musician in the US

Mrs. Merethe Mikkelsen, Norwegian Musician in the US

I used to suffer from joint discomfort, it was not only annoying but also embarrassing…

Which is quite common here in LA, have looked like an 80 year woman leaving the seat.

I have been so oversensitive towards sounds, of all things in my profession, I have had to use the dishwasher during nighttime as the sound has been intolerable.

Earplugs have become my best friends, in concerts, on the beach and elsewhere in the city.

The other day I got my FSH-values, and I’m in peri menopause.

My reactions have been a burden for both me and my husband.I have been angry and ill tempered beyond description.

However, it is unbelievable how my everyday-life has been fantastically changed.

My husband and I are very thankful for you…

Now, I have energy, and joy in my life, and, not least, I don’t get angry with the smallest incidents anymore.**


The last three weeks have been beyond description both for me and the ones I love!!