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  • Michelle, 44. Orlando, FL.

    Started taking this product in August 2017. It really does help with my energy levels as I am not as tired as I used to be. My periods have become more regular and my PMS symptons especially my bad moods are improved. Also my skin is much better as my

    Michelle, 44. Orlando, FL.

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  • Kimberly, 55. Jacksonville, FL

    They really work! My sweats are under control now after taking these. A bit pricey but if it works well and no side effects if taken long term, I would still continue to buy. Gave me my normal life back!

    Kimberly, 55. Jacksonville, FL

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  • Sofia, 74, Sacramento, CA

    I have issues with my bone health. After taking Femarelle for a couple of weeks, I see a difference in how I feel, how my skin looks and have reduced the discomfort I had in my legs. But I will not know if it is actually helping to rebuild bone

    Sofia, 74, Sacramento, CA

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  • Rachel,  54. SF, CA.

    This product is very good to relieve the night sweat.

    Rachel, 54. SF, CA.

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  • Julia, 51. Long beach, CA

    I ordered this product in order to control hot flashes that were occurring every 2 hours. Because I am unable to take hormones or any natural phytoestrogens, this product offered what I needed. Within 3 days, all hot flashes and night sweats have ceased and I am sleeping extremely well.

    Julia, 51. Long beach, CA

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  • Jenna, 42. Miami FL

    This is a great product, up to now the only one that helped me! Everybody should try it! It takes two to three weeks to take effect, but then you are home free. Don’t stop offering it to the menopausal women ever!

    Jenna, 42. Miami FL

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  • Mrs. Petra, Czech Republic

    I’m 50 years old and I work as a pharmacy assistant in a hospital pharmacy. In June of this year I stopped using hormonal contraceptives due to my age. Although I think, I am in good physical and psychological condition, the next month I began to experience unpleasant symptoms of

    Mrs. Petra, Czech Republic

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  • Mrs. Dana, Czech Republic

    Femarelle Recharge is recommended by my gynecologist and I can definitely recommend it! I’m already using the second pack and I’m very happy. I very much appreciate the fact that the blister with capsules is marked for morning and evening use, so when I forget to take a capsule, I

    Mrs. Dana, Czech Republic

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  • Mrs. Marie, Czech Republic

    I suffer from a lot of allergies, and therefore I have to be very careful about the product I can use … I received a recommendation for Femarelle Recharge from my gynecologist and I am very happy with it. It suits me as a natural product that has been tested

    Mrs. Marie, Czech Republic

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  • Eva 54, Sweden

    Now I have tested Femarelle Recharge and can only say I’m sleeping better, am more calm, have no more worries and disturbances when I’m about to sleep or relax. No more “twist and turn” all night long… can really be recommended! **

    Eva 54, Sweden

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