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Find Your Formula - Which Femarelle® should you take?


To assist you in finding the right Femarelle® product within the line, please choose your most bothersome symptom from the descriptions below. 

We will help you to find YOUR match that will “Rejuvenate” your senses, “Recharge” your energies and make you “Unstoppable.”

Welcome to the Femarelle® line.

Mood Swings1.png

Feeling like you’re on an emotional rollercoaster and going insane?

Mood Swings
Sleep Disturbances1.png

Having a hard time falling asleep and waking up at night for no apparent reason?

Sleep Disturbances
Low Energy1.png

Can’t wake up in the mornings? Just want to stay in your PJs all day long?

Low Energy and Fatigue
Skin Elasticity1.png

Have you looked in the mirror and thought that the face staring back is changing?

Skin Elasticity
Weight Gain1.png

You’ve finally learned to accept and love your body, and then things start changing.

Weight Gain and Metabolism
Hot Flashes1.png

Hot flashes, in our minds, relate to “menopause”, but you can do something about it.

Hot Flashes
Bone Health1.png

For women, estrogen is a major player in the bone formation process.

Bone Health
Hair Loss1.png

You might not turn bald like the men around you, but, nevertheless...

Changes in Hair Luster
Night Sweats1.png

Hot flashes, in our minds, equates to “menopause,” but don’t regard it as a must-have.

Night Sweats
Joint Health1.png

As estrogen levels decline, and you may start to notice that you feel stiffness in your joints.

Joint Discomfort
Vaginal Discomfort1.png

The estrogen decline that leads to menopause causes a loss of moisture...

Vaginal Dryness
Decreased Libido1.png

Levels of the female hormone, estrogen, fall, can affect libido as they decrease.

Decreased Libido
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