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Weight Gain and Metabolism

Just at the point, somewhere in your forties, when you have finally found a way to love and accept your body, you suddenly find yourself gaining weight. Without consuming any more calories than you did in the past, or exercising any less, you look in the mirror and see your body is changing. Your clothes don’t fit like they used to, your stomach is no longer flat, and your hips look wider.

What encourages a woman’s body to store fat and what can be done to get rid of it?

Weight gain is a common phenomenon caused by hormonal changes that occur in the mid-forties. A woman’s metabolism starts to slow down, muscle mass decreases, and the body begins to store more fat.

But the fact that it’s a common phenomenon doesn’t mean it’s written in stone. There are various ways to avoid gaining weight. Since weight gain also has health implications, awareness about the care of your body will not only improve your wellbeing during this transitional period, but will also improve your general health for the rest of your life.


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