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The decline in estrogen levels starting in women’s 40s, leads to a chronic hormonal imbalance affecting women from this stage onwards. This change dramatically impacts women’s quality of life, from the onset of ‘menopausal’ symptoms to the progression of post-menopausal diseases.

The Femarelle® line provides a targeted solution to the needs of the woman:


The API developed in-house- DT56a is at the core of each product in the line, targeting the estrogen receptors while each product contains different vitamins and minerals, boosting the beneficial impact on the target tissue.

DT56a, is a non-hormonal proprietary API, originating from the soybean plant, processing the 20 amino acids within the soybean, creating, a unique compound that has been modulated to form the desired effect within the woman’s body, by bonding to the estrogen receptors without being recognized by the body as estrogen, thus developing a non-hormonal botanical therapy that was declared in 2017 as the 1st line treatment for the management of menopause at the European Society of Gynecology.

DT56a, a standardized compound with a clear fingerprint, mimics the structures that are recognized by estrogen receptors in the woman’s body as estrogen, bound together with either a co-activator or co-repressor, depending on the tissue forming a SERM (Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator), having either an agonistic (activation) or antagonistic (blocking) effect on the estrogen receptors, depending on the target tissue.

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