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Your Personal Bone Health Booster

If you went to your annual checkup, you've probably heard from the GP that you need to keep an eye on your bone density. Most of us nod but don't take it seriously, however it makes sense. Why fear something you can't feel, that doesn't bother you, when you have other obvious health issues to take care of?

The problem with bone health is that when you do get to the point when you feel the implications, it's too late.

The bone is a remarkable organ. Bone is a material that has the strength of cast iron, while remaining as light as wood. Bone is a living organ that undergoes remodeling throughout life. On average, close to 10% of a person’s bone mass is resorbed and then reformed each year. Two different bone cells work together to orchestrate the repair: osteoclasts, which resorb the bone, and osteoblasts, which rebuild the bone where it has been resorbed. One cannot work without the other. Before menopause, bone formation and bone resorption are closely paralleled. In menopause, the bone resorption exceeds bone formation, resulting in a decrease in bone mass.

When you have reached menopause, the bone formation process in women, which is regulated by estrogen, ceases, leading to increased bone loss. This bone loss process, as in the bone-building process, is not felt, but it can greatly impact our quality of life.

Femarelle Unstoppable is a postmenopause supplement , clinically proven to boost bone health
Femarelle Unstoppable

So how does Femarelle® Unstoppable, a post-menopause supplement for women, help your bone health and promote strong bones? The active ingredient, DT56a, has been shown in numerous studies to renew the bone formation process in menopausal women. The addition of calcium and vitamin D3 provide the nutrients that the body needs to increase bone strength. The new bone formation, the "builders", in combination with essential nutrients, which form the building blocks, allow Femarelle® Unstoppable to provide a lower amount of calcium, providing the best support for your bone health without any additional risks.

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