Mrs. Petra, Czech Republic

I’m 50 years old and I work as a pharmacy assistant in a hospital pharmacy. In June of this year I stopped using hormonal contraceptives due to my age. Although I think, I am in good physical and psychological condition, the next month I began to experience unpleasant symptoms of hormone withdrawal. I had a feeling od discomfort in the lower abdomen, sudden sweating and fatigue. Because of my work, I knew about Femarelle. I had a “good feeling” about this dietary supplement, its composition, quality, and the recommendations of sales representatives and especially my female friend. I decided to try it out and recommended it to someone in our family. She also suffered from sleep disturbances. Both of us, in a very short time, experienced an improvment in our symptoms. For example, I did not even notice an unpleasant heat wave. I have been using Femarelle Recharge for three months, a dose of 2 tablets a day. I am convinced that it works and relieves the unpleasant symptoms of incoming menopause.  **