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Irregular periods
in your 40s

Have you experienced decades of predictable cycles with emotional and physical patterns, and now you are reaching your 40s to find yourself suddenly having irregular periods, experiencing physical changes and living with your feelings on edge?

In our 40s, women start having hormonal changes that eventually lead to the cessation of menstrual periods, mostly due to estrogen decline. This results in changes in the pattern of your normally regular periods, to be become irregular, accompanied by increased PMS-like symptoms. The path from having a menstrual period to the point of its cessation is not discussed often enough.




It is a journey in which you might experience some months with longer and heavier periods; some months you may have multiple periods; and there are some months in which you just seem to skip your period completely. Menstrual flow can be minimal or the heaviest you have ever experienced. Combine that with the array of symptoms that range from emotional (irritability, moodiness) to physical (bloating, lack of sleep), known as pre-menstrual (PMS)-like symptoms, and this period of your life presents a great challenge. Unfortunately, for those of you who are very familiar with PMS on a monthly basis, these symptoms can increase and become more intense at this time of your life.

Do not worry as it is normal to have irregular periods at this time of your life, starting around the age of 40. You are nearing the end of your reproductive stage, which is also termed perimenopause, and missing or skipping periods at this stage may happen for many different reasons apart from pregnancy. The main reason that you experience changes in your monthly cycle can be caused by the estrogen decline that start in women’s 40s, putting your reproductive system in a state of hormonal imbalance.

No need for concern - you can get support in this journey. Make sure to bring it up to your doctor or gynecologist on your next visit to make sure that there is no other underlying reason for the changes that you are seeing. Having more information can set your mind at ease.


You can ease the symptoms that accompany the hormonal changes that you are undergoing, which are normal and natural at this stage of your life, with the support of Femarelle® Rejuvenate, a natural supplement, backed by extensive science and the support of influential physicians around the world.

Nothing can give you your regular menstrual cycle back, as this is a normal process that your body needs to undergo. However, Femarelle® Rejuvenate can assist you with your struggles with hormonal imbalance and the symptoms that accompany this process. Femarelle® Rejuvenate can restore the equilibrium it needs to reduce the symptoms you are experiencing and regain your quality of life.

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