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Femarelle® Unstoppable

Femarelle® Unstoppable 

Even after menopause, estrogen decline continues to impact your body.

Hot flashes may be over; however, new challenges may have entered your life. Femarelle® Unstoppable supports women in their 60s and beyond for you

to enjoy your daily activities with increased vitality and an overall improvement

of your general well-being.


Femarelle® Unstoppable: 

  • Supports bone health*

  • Maintains vaginal health*

  • Increases joint and muscle flexibility*

  • Supports urinary health*

  • Boosts vitality and mood*

The unique properties of Femarelle® Unstoppable provide you an exclusive product that not only promotes bone health, but also optimizes the amount of calcium deposited into the bone.*

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  • POST-MENOPAUSE SUPPLEMENT FOR BONE, JOINTS & VAGINAL HEALTH: Contains proprietary soy extract (DT56a), vitamin B2, Biotin, vitamin D3, and Calcium. PROVEN SAFETY & EFFICACY: Studies have shown that Femarelle Unstoppable supports energy levels, promotes bone health, vaginal health and joint and muscle discomfort in post-menopausal women.* NO ADVERSE EFFECTS were seen to date with the use of Femarelle Unstoppable and it is safe for long-term use.

  • MOST CLINICALLY TESTED SUPPLEMENT– PROVEN RESULTS: More than 24 published studies have been conducted on the Femarelle line. “I found them very effective” - Prof. Lila Nachtigall M.D. Director of Women’s Wellness Program, and NYU School of Medicine, founder on the North American Menopause Society.

  • NON-HORMONAL SUPLEMENT - HELPS RESTORE YOUR BALANCE NATURALLY: targets estrogen deficiency without adding risk factors. Femarelle is 100% Natural, Non-GMO, Gluten-free, Kosher, and Halal.

  •  Be at your best, living life to its fullest, and feel limitless. Available in over 45 countries worldwide with more than 12 million months of use

About The Femarelle® Line

The Femarelle® line is based on the research of leading gynecologists and researchers around the world that have allowed us to develop three products targeting women in the different stages of menopause.


The Femarelle® line provides you the best assistance with the highest assurance of safety as a long-term natural approach for prolonged quality of life.

  • Femarelle® Rejuvenate: targets the perimenopause stage - women in their 40s confronted with the start of hormonal fluctuations.

  • Femarelle® Recharge: targets the menopausal woman - women suffering from the classic symptoms that come with the end of menstruation.

  • Femarelle® Unstoppable: for the post-menopausal stage - women who want to promote their bone and vaginal health and maintain better quality of life and healthy aging. 

The Femarelle® line is based on numerous studies that have been published, and offers you high assurance of swift efficacy and safety for the long-term and prolonged quality of life.

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