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“DT56a decreased menopausal symptoms significantly and in the same degree as HT.”

Efficacy and safety of DT56a compared to hormone therapy in Greek post-
menopausal women.


Patients receiving HT and DT56a showed a significant and independent decrease in
menopausal symptoms (mean difference in Kupperman score, DT56a group: -3.98, HT group
-5.601, no treatment group +1.76, p-value <0.001). Lumbar spine BMD T-score was
significantly lower in women receiving no treatment, as opposed to the two treatment arms
which showed no significant change (No treatment, baseline: -0.60, final: -0.85, p=0.001; HT,
baseline: -84, final -0.99, p=0.79; DT56a, baseline -0.51, final: -0.76, p=0.75). No differences
in femoral bone density, ET or mammography classification were detected in any of the
treatment arms. Likewise, serum lipids or lipoproteins did not differ between the three

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