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“Femarelle … inhibits menopausal symptoms without thrombogenicity…”

The selective estrogen receptor modulator DT56a (Femarelle) does not affect platelet reactivity in normal or thrombophilic postmenopausal women


Pretreatment study of all seven women with shortened closure times confirmed
abnormalities associated with thrombophilia: four women were heterozygous for the factor
V Leiden gene mutation, one was heterozygous for the prothrombin gene mutation, one was
found to have protein S deficiency, and one had increased anticardiolipin antibodies. All
participants reported improved symptoms during the treatment period. No significant
change in closure times was found in the normally clotting participants after 3 or 8 weeks
of Femarelle therapy (P > 0.26). No significant change in closure time was seen in the seven
thrombophilic women after 3 or 8 weeks or 1 year of Femarelle treatment (P > 0.26). The
regression curve for measures over time was not significant (P = 0.26).

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